Case Study: Telewave Dipole Antennas Provide Mission Critical Coverage During Solar Eclipse

Case Study: Telewave Dipole Antennas Provide Mission Critical Coverage During Solar Eclipse

ANT450D3 mounted on a pole near the eastern border of Wyoming

The solar eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017, was a widely anticipated phenomenon which attracted the attention of observers from all over the United States. A project team, working in conjunction with a federally funded university program, set out at 10:40 AM to launch camera-fitted balloons out of Camp Guernsey, Wyoming.

Due to the weather at the time of the launch, the balloons were not filled with correct levels of hydrogen - causing them to ”go long” by about 15 miles beyond their designated Digital Mobile Radio system coverage. To further complicate things, the recent influx of 600,000 people who came to visit Wyoming overloaded cell towers and made cellphone communications to the tracking and recovery teams nearly impossible.

The team had to rely solely on their exrstlng DMR coverage to communicate, even though they estimated that the balloons would land outside of the coverage area

To their surprise, communications between the base and road teams were consistent and reliable even beyond their expected zone of coverage. This level of performance was a product of Telewave’s quality manufacturing and knowledgeable engineering coming together to ensure users have the best antennas for their unique needs. In this case, the Telewave ANT450D3 Dipole Array was selected using both, wide cardioid and modified omni patterns, for deployment in both of the team’s major sites.

As a result, the team was able to efficiently allocate RF energy through the array and established solid DMR coverage of more than 4,000 square miles of southeastern Wyoming and adjacent Nebraska. Actual system coverage exceeded initial coverage studies by upwards of 20 miles - allowing handheld radios to be used in neighboring cities in Nebraska including: Harrison, Crawford, and Mitchell. The event concluded with the following statement,

"Special thanks to everyone at Telewave for helping to make this project a complete success.
We are looking forward to specifying Telewave products on our upcoming railroad projects."

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