Telewave Demonstrates Cloud Monitoring Services for its Next Generation IOT Sensors

Leading Telecom Manufacturer Offers Preview of New Portable Digital Meters (PDM™) and Advanced Multi-Channel IOT Technology at IWCE 2019

Las Vegas (March 5, 2019) -- Telewave, Inc., a leading provider of premium quality RF and wireless systems equipment, announced that it will showcase some of its advanced technologies for smart antennas jointly developed with its partners at IWCE 2019. Furthermore, building on top of its popular first-generation digital wattmeter (44D), Telewave will share a ‘sneak’ preview of enhanced capabilities of its next generation platform, featuring portable digital meters (PDM™) whereby multi-sensor devices get connected to the cloud, enabling remote monitoring of RF systems through mobile devices.

“We’re very excited about these new products,” said Bob Saffari, Telewave VP of Marketing and Sales. “And we’re already receiving great feedback in testing.”

This new class of PDM™ IOT devices is application specific for public safety, FirstNet, transportation, and other key sectors, and products are redesigned to support PTC (Positive Train Control) and European standards such as Tetra. PDM™ is ideal for field application operations like RF installation, antenna testing, and system maintenance. The new application specific PDM™ IOT products are expected to be available in Q3 2019.

In addition, Telewave is expanding innovations for its IOT offerings, and will demonstrate new 1RU multi-channel inline power sensors. Designed for measuring the health of antennas and combiner systems at base stations, they feature a plug-in dashboard for remote monitoring and cloud services.

Telewave initially will offer this packaged solution as part of its own combiner product lines in Q4 2019 to expedite the adoption of smart RF and IOT systems, with plans to release a more general purpose version of the IOT unit with a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model in early 2020.

About Telewave

Telewave designs and manufactures high quality RF system products. It serves wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, and federal agencies in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1972 and is based in San Jose, California. Telewave strives to be the premier supplier of seamless interoperable communication systems that provide security and reliability in mission critical eco-systems for both commercial and military applications worldwide. Telewave products are used by more than 7,500 equipment and network manufacturers and government agencies throughout the world.

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