Telewave Joins WiMAX Forum, Affirming Support for Advanced Telecom Compatibility

Leading Provider of RF and Wireless Systems Contributes Expertise, Smart Antennas and IOT Solutions to Promote Drive to IEEE Standard 802.16 for Wireless Interoperability

San Jose, Calif. (March 6, 2019) - Telewave, Inc., a leading provider of premium quality RF and wireless systems equipment, announced today that is planning to join the WiMAX Forum and actively participate in the ecosystem. Telewave will bring its RF system expertise, smart antennas, and IOT solutions for end-to-end system integrations, ensuring compatibility and interoperability among solutions providers.

The WiMAX Forum® is the leading organization which certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based upon IEEE Standard 802.16. “We are pleased to have a highly reputable telecom system component manufacturer like Telewave join our organization. The company offers valuable depth and breadth for end-to-end applications related to public safety, utility, and transportation,” said Dr. Mohammad Shakouri, Chairman of the Board of Directors at WiMAX Forum, and Director of Community Broadband at Joint Venture Silicon Valley.

Other members of WiMAX Forum include prominent movers in the field, such as General Electric Digital Energy, Hitachi, United Airlines, Samsung, Great River Energy, Sequans Communications, Honeywell International, Siemens, UQ Communications, NTT, and YTL Communications.

“We are honored to join the WiMAX Forum and look forward to collaborating with fellow members to expand applications of 802.16 in emerging market segments,” said Bob Saffari, VP of Marketing and Sales at Telewave. “Delivering mission critical IOT data is equally important as voice data for public safety applications. Having the right networking architecture to ensure quality of service and reliability for voice and data along with low latency video becomes paramount.”

Moreover, establishing an agile architecture that can deliver highly reliable data in remote and rural areas is often challenging. Particularly in large scale rural deployments, the ability to combine programmable radio based on well–defined standards such as 802.16 with customizable RF systems that have built-in sensors optimized for IOT networks makes a big difference. "However, this requirement is not limited to rural areas,” noted Telewave’s Saffari. “We also see tremendous growth in mission critical IOT applications in many large market segments. For example, in the utility and energy sectors as part of the larger Smart Cities trend, the number of IOT devices will double from 1.025 Billion devices in 2017 to 2.43 Billion units in 2022, according to a recent Memoori research report.“

About the WiMAX Forum

The WiMAX Forum is an industry-led, not-for-profit organization that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based upon IEEE Standard 802.16. The WiMAX Forum’s primary goal is to accelerate the adoption, deployment and expansion of WiMAX, AeroMACS, and WiGRID technologies across the globe while facilitating roaming agreements, sharing best practices within our membership and certifying products. WiMAX Forum and WiGRID Certified® products are interoperable and support broadband fixed, nomadic, portable, and mobile services. The WiMAX Forum works closely with service providers and regulators to ensure that WiMAX Forum Certified systems meet customer and government requirements. For more information, visit

About Telewave

Telewave designs and manufactures high quality RF system products. It serves wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, Utility and Transportations, and federal agencies in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1972 and is based in San Jose, California. Telewave strives to be the premier supplier of seamless interoperable communication systems that provide security and reliability in mission critical eco-systems for both commercial and military applications worldwide. Telewave products are used by more than 7,500 equipment and network manufacturers and government agencies throughout the world.