Customer Payment Options
and Instructions

Payment Information:

Please remit payments to:

Telewave, Inc.- Accounts Receivable
660 Giguere Court San Jose, CA 95133
Phone:.408.929.4400, 800.626.4480 Fax: 408-929-4007

Wire Transfer Information:

*All wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer

Please advise your bank to transfer $USD funds to:

2915 Stevens Creek Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95205

ABA/ Routing#322271627
Telewave, Inc
Account #698669798
Swift # CHASUS33

Please be sure to include your TELEWAVE account number, and (if possible) the invoice number(s) to be paid, on your remittance.

Check Information:

Please note that checks must be company checks in $USD funds, drawn on or payable through a U.S. banking institution.