1. General

March 29th, 2017

This Terms of Use agreement (“Terms of Use”) is between Telewave Inc., 660 Giguere Court, San Jose, CA 95133, USA ("we”, “us”, "our", or “Telewave”), which owns and operates Telewave.com and offers you access to Telewave.com and the utility rendered thereby (“Telewave.com”, “Website”, “Our Website”), and you, your heirs, agents, successors, and assigns (collectively,"you" or "your").

The Terms of Use explains your relationship to Telewave in connection with your access to and use of Telewave.com or any content, products, or services made available through or relating to Telewave.com.

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We have the right, but not the obligation, to strictly enforce the Terms of Use, through all available means, including customer account termination, refusal of service, and legal action. In the event there is a conflict between the Terms of Use and any other parts of Telewave.com, the Terms of Use shall prevail.

We offer Telewave.com "as-is" and assume no responsibility for website issues, including listing mistakes, system errors, network failures, and server downtimes. Although we strive for continuous and uninterrupted operation of Telewave.com and accurate product content and will try to prevent or remedy all undesirable occurrences, we cannot guarantee, and you should not expect, that Telewave.com will operate without any interruptions or errors.

You agree that while we dedicate reasonable effort and resources to ensuring that all product listings, images, prices, and availability are accurate and current, we cannot guarantee that they will always be error or omission free. We will correct, complete, or update all flawed product listings or other content soon after we identify them. You agree that we are not liable for damages or errors

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Should you object to any part of the Terms of Use, or any subsequent modifications thereto, or become dissatisfied with Telewave.com in any way, your only recourse is to immediately discontinue using Telewave.com and doing business with Telewave.

The Terms of Use take full effect at the time of posting to Telewave .com, as may be indicated by the version number at the top of this page.

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