2. Purpose

March 29th, 2017

We offer Telewave.com as an online shopping platform for the purpose of selling Telewave products, and system design solutions, to our American customers (“Customers”). The purpose of Telewave.com is to provide an easy way for our Customers to shop for Products and receive great value, product advice, and customer service.

You may only use Telewave.com and purchase our Products if permitted by your local laws and regulations. We are not responsible for selling, advising, or servicing any Products for Customers or International Customers in unlawful or restricted areas or for unapproved applications, if the customer failed to make us aware of any specific legal restrictions prior to purchase.

International customers may not complete orders directly through the website and need to contact us by phone, email, or chat in order to purchase our Products. We insist that all international customers are aware of their local technological and legal requirements for buying, importing, and operating our Products. We will not be held responsible for Products delayed, retained, or modified by Customs or Import personnel. We will not be financially or legally liable for any damages or inconveniences resulting from ordering, receiving, awaiting, using, misusing, or being unable to use any of our Products

We do not allow or encourage our Customers to perform any modifications or improvements to our products, whether necessary, beneficial, or superficial to the operation and compliance of our Products. All unlicensed and unapproved modifications to our Products may immediately void the Limited Manufacturer Warranty and expose you to severe legal and financial responsibilities for violating local laws, radio frequency communication regulations, and cell phone infrastructure restrictions.

Prior to purchasing any Products through Telewave.com, you must become aware of your local laws and restrictions concerning Telewave products and your personal liability for using or misusing such products. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure complete compliance with appropriate laws and regulations governing the sale and usage of Telewave products and equipment.

We try to ensure accuracy and completeness of each product listing to assist customers with educated buying decisions but we do not guarantee it and you should not expect error free listings. It is your responsibility to verify all Product information with our sales representatives and with independent secondary sources to confirm product specifications and legal compliance.

You are solely responsible, and we have no responsibility to you or to any third party, for any breach of your obligations to know and abide by the U.S. laws, Canadian laws, your local laws, the industry requirements, and the Terms of Use, and for the consequences of any such breach.

You will not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the operation of Telewave.com, or any part thereof, including its servers, computer hardware, networks, email or messaging system, software, content, or data. You will not access, or attempt to access, Telewave.com by any means other than through the authorized user interface provided by Telewave.com, unless you have been specifically allowed to do so in a separate written agreement with us. You will not access, or attempt to access, Telewave.com through any automated means, including the use of scripts or web crawlers, and shall ensure that you comply with all acceptable usage instructions.

We reserve the right to refuse service, or selling our Products, to any Customer for any reason, including suspicion of intentional or unintentional intent to abuse, misuse, or modify our Products or to purchase Products that are restricted or unlawful in their billing, shipping, or application area. We also reserve the right to report any suspected wrongdoing by any user, customer, or other third party in connection with Telewave.com or our Products to applicable regulatory, law enforcement, and industry authorities.

Your Customer account and ordering privileges may be suspended or terminated if you, knowingly or unknowingly, violate the law or the Terms of Use. Please note that ignorance is no excuse for failing to comply with the law or the Terms of Use.