4. Orders

March 29th, 2017

MARKETING: Telewave has the right to use customer’s name and logo for any of its marketing purposes.

CANCELLATION: A cancellation fee of 20% will be charged for any order cancellation.

CLAIMS: Claims for shortages must be made to the seller within 30 calendar days after date of shipment from the seller's plant.
All goods become the property of the buyer upon delivery to the carrier. Claims for goods lost in transit or damage must be made immediately against carrier by the Buyer.

Any request for a change order from the Buyers shall be in writing and no change shall be made pursuant to this clause unless agreed to in writing and signed by Seller and Buyer. If a change causes an increase or decrease in the cost or the time required in the performance of any part of the work, an equitable adjustment shall be made in the contract price and schedule. Seller shall have no obligation to commence any extra or changed work without written agreement as to adjustments to contract price and delivery schedules effective thereby.

Written authorization from Telewave, Inc. must be obtained before returning material. A credit, not greater than 80% of the purchase price of the goods, excluding taxes and shipping, will be allowed. The equipment must be unused and received prepaid in new condition. Any refurbishing of the equipment that is required to return it to an acceptable condition will be charged against the requested credit at our current repair rate. Credit for the returned material will be issued to the original buyer. Cancellation of acknowledged orders by the Buyer will be accepted only upon terms which protect Seller against loss and which are accepted by Seller.

SPECIFICATIONS: All specifications of the seller's products are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to discontinue the manufacture of any product. We reserve the right to modify any product without the consideration of compatibility of previously manufactured products.

To place an order, you must add one or more available Products into your shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Checkout is completed by providing all required customer billing and shipping information. Your order is not finalized until we confirm your payment and process your order request.

For all regular Products or in-stock Products, we usually bill your payment account immediately after placing your online of phone order. Items that are expected to remain out-of-stock for considerable amount of time may be billed immediately after checkout or at confirmed availability or shipment. Preorders are usually billed at the time of availability or shipment but the preauthorization charge may be processed to ensure payment availability.

Special order and out-of-stock items may take considerably longer time to be processed and shipped.

We will correct Product listing, Product guide, or order consultation errors and inaccuracies as soon as reasonably possible after we realize the need for such corrections. You agree that we are not responsible for any damages or losses resulting from such unintentional errors. And you agree that such occasional Product listing, Product guide, and order consultation errors should be expected. Always conduct your own external research to confirm all our Product information and claims prior to making your purchase and using your Products.

Despite our best efforts, some Products on our website may not be priced accurately. As part of our shipping procedures, we try to verify all items and their prices before shipping orders out. We will try our best to promptly communicate to you all required billing changes due to inaccurate pricing or item availability. If correct Product price is lower than our stated price and your purchased price, we will ship the order and may charge the lower amount or refund you the difference. If correct product price is higher than our stated price and your purchase price, we may cancel or hold your order and may notify you via email of phone about the billing changes required to process your order.

Your receipt of electronic order confirmation, via email or website, does not signify our acceptance of your order or our commitment or ability to fulfill it. We reserve the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. We may require additional verification and voice confirmation for large, expedited, special, or unusual orders.

In the event of product listing error, including incorrect or incomplete description, specifications, images, or price, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for the erroneous Product listing. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any such order even if the order has been confirmed and your credit card of payment account charged. If your credit card or payment account has been charged for the purchase of any erroneous Product, we shall issue a credit or refund to your credit card or payment account in the amount of the charge.

If you suspect a Product listing, Product guide, or other content found on Telewave.com to be erroneous or inaccurate, you should notify us prior to purchasing any affected Products. We will quickly review the Product information and correct or update all relevant information.

We charge your credit/debit card as soon as your order is placed online. Credit card processing can take up to 3 business days, depending on the accuracy of payment information given by the customer. For customer security, voice communications may be required for some online payment transactions.

We do not accept international orders, from outside of USA or Canada, directly thought our website. International customers must contact us via phone, email, message, or chat prior to placing their orders with Telewave.com.

When accessing Telewave.com from inside of USA or Canada, or from international locations, you agree to comply with all applicable local laws and regulations regarding our Products and website. Given the global nature of the Internet, Telewave.com can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

When accessing Telewave.com from outside of the U.S., you agree to comply with all applicable local, U.S., and international laws and regulations regarding the transmission of digital data from and to the U.S., regardless of whether you are a registered customer or only a visitor of Telewave.com

You agree to provide accurate, complete, and current contact, billing, and shipping information when placing your order or at checkout. You agree to keep your customer account information up-to-date. Always protect your customer account login information.

To prevent fraud, we may request payment details for all failed or potentially fraudulent transactions. We may investigate failed verification and payment attempts. To assist us in collection of user fees from delinquent users, we may try to request credit card account information from past payment transactions.

All Telewave users are solely responsible for completing all of their own tax reporting and payment obligations and other required government reporting duties, with state and federal agencies, relating to the buying and selling of services through the use of Telewave.com, according to applicable state and federal laws. We do not assist our users with any such taxation or reporting obligations.

Each Telewave.com user is solely responsible for satisfying any local, state, and/or federal sales tax, value added tax, or import tax. You are also solely responsible for all required governmental reporting and registration of your purchase and Products ordered or received. It is your responsibility to abide by all applicable laws and regulations relating to the purchase, receipt, importing, possessing, owning, or operating cellular boosting equipment or any Products acquired from Telewave.com.

You agree that we will not be held liable for any damage or harm, direct or indirect, resulting from any Product information errors or inaccuracies, system design advice, installation recommendations, or other unintentional Product or order omissions, errors, failures, or wrongdoings in connection to your use of Telewave.com.

Total delivery time for your order, or the amount of time it takes from securing your payment authorization and actually ship your order via a common carrier, can range from 1 to 30 or more business days, depending on the availability of your order, shipping method selected, and the remoteness of your location.

We rely on United States Postal Service (USPS) and FedEx for the majority of our shipments but other common carriers including freight shippers may also be utilized. For Canada and international locations, if shipped using USPS, your order will likely arrive via your local postal service.

You accept that FedEx will not deliver to P.O. boxes and attempt deliveries on weekends. You agree that if you require a P.O. Box delivery, you will request USPS shipping options when placing your order or at checkout.

Our shipping rates are primarily calculated based on the actual weight or dimensional weight of your shipment and the type of shipping service you selected (standard, priority, or express). Some handling and processing fees may be included in your shipping charges. We charge a single shipping and handling fee for each order, regardless of how many boxes it ships out in.

You agree that your order is shipped via a third party carrier and any shipping delays, misdeliveries, damages, or losses are entirely out of our control. We will not be held liable for any harm or damage resulting from any shipping problems or errors, including delayed, misdelivered, damaged, or lost shipments. Your shipping problems must be resolved directly with USPS, Fedex, or other local carriers which are handling your shipment.

You agree that Telewave relies on leading common carriers and freight carriers to provide you with cost-effective shipping options and that once shipped the quality of the shipping service is out of our control. By using Telewave.com and by purchasing from us, you accept the potential risks associated with buying our Products online, shipping using common carriers, or shipping across international borders.