5. Customer Privacy

March 29th, 2017

At Telewave, we take your customer privacy and security extremely seriously and work hard to safeguard all your personal information. It is our policy to always inform you when and why we collect your personal information and to always handle it securely and responsibly.

We only collect customer information required for normal operation of Telewave.com, including order handling, payment processing, product reviewing, customer inquiries, promotional announcements, website optimization, and Terms of Use enforcement.

We never sell your personal information.

We do not share your personal information for marketing purposes. We only share your personal information with reputable third parties when required for normal operation of Telewave.com.

You control most personal information we collect by manually submitting it during sale consultations, checkout, customer inquiries, order tracking, product reviews, mailing list subscription, and return requests.

We may investigate all potentially fraudulent transactions. We may also employ reputable third party solutions to mitigate our exposure to fraud and abuse.

This privacy policy describes applies to the information we collect directly from you and to all utilities of Telewave.com. Third party applications and solutions, used by Telewave.com to improve your shopping experience, are governed by different policy policies.

We regularly review this policy and our compliance with it to provide you with maximum level of shopping convenience and information security. We may periodically amend this policy without prior notice and all such amendments become effective immediately upon posting on Telewave.com.

Please read our Telewave Privacy Policy for more information.

By using Telewave.com, you agree to this privacy policy and consent to your information being utilized according to it.