8. Spam and Posting Agents

March 29th, 2017

A "posting agent" is a third-party agent, service, or intermediary that post customer feedback, product reviews, emails, messages, or other content to Telewave.com on behalf of others. “Spam” is unsolicited junk emails, messages, or content submitted to Telewave.com. Posting agents and spam are not allowed on Telewave.com. You may not post any spam or other junk content, commercial or otherwise, on our website and you may not use posting agents to submit any such prohibited content to our website.

Any violations to this provision may be investigated and reported to appropriate internet spam and fraud organizations. Any posting agent and relating users or customers may be subject to financial damages and legal penalties and have their Telewave.com user privileges immediately revoked.

To ensure the quality of our product listings and user communications, we are committed to keeping Telewave.com spam-free. As a Telewave user, you agree that posting fake or unrelated content, or sending unsolicited emails or messages to or through Telewave.com is prohibited. You are not licensed by us to post any content other than product-specific reviews or inquiries, or order-specific messages to Telewave.com. You may not use Telewave.com to send spam or any other unsolicited or undesirable content to other users or to us.

Any unauthorized use of Telewave.com, including its servers, computer systems, software code, and user information for the purpose of distributing unsolicited or undesirable content through internal messages or emails to other Telewave users is a direct violation of the Terms of Use and certain federal and state laws, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Any violations to this provision may subject the sender and all affiliates or agents to civil and criminal penalties, customer account deletion, and user privileges termination.

You may not sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose any personal information of other Telewave.com users which you have obtained through Telewave.com, without prior written permission from those users and from Telewave. Any unauthorized use or disclosure of any personal information of other Telewave.com users will constitute a serious violation of the Terms of Use.

To protect our customers from abusive content, we reserve the right to automatically filter and/or manually review all user-created content, including product reviews, product inquiries, customer feedback, and other user postings to check for spam, viruses, phishing attacks, or other malicious, illegal, abusive, or prohibited content.

To report spam, spoof emails, or other malicious or unsolicited content or communication, please forward the suspected message or content to legal@Telewave.com.