ANT260K Wideband Discone Antenna 75 MHz-3 GHz


  • Wideband Discone Antenna
  • Pattern: Omni-Directional
  • Effective Gain: 0 dBd
  • Frequency Range: 75 MHz-3 GHz
  • Power Rating: 500 watts
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Vertical Beamwidth: 110°
  • VSWR: 1.5:1 or less
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Product Description

The ANT260K Wideband Discone Antenna 75 MHz-3 GHz, Wideband Discone Antenna 75 MHz-3 GHz, is an extremely rugged, wideband discone antenna for all frequencies between 75 MHz and 3GHz. The wide vertical beamwidth of discone antennas allows clear communication for ground and ground-to-air applications. discone antennas are designed to survive the most extreme conditions, where conventional antennas often fail. They are field-proven in US and overseas deployments and support many voice and data requirements in multiple bands. Each discone is constructed from Mil.Spec.6061-T6 solid aluminum, fully weld ed at all joints for maximum strength. All internal junctions are enclosed within a rugged radome to ensure survivability in the worst environments. The radome and TxylanTM coating on all metal surfaces ensures complete protection from corrosive gases, ultraviolet radiation, salt spray, acid rain and sand storms in desert environments.

The ANT260K is designed to be clamped to a 1.5”-3.5” O.D. galvanized steel support pipe. An ANTC482 dual clamp set is included. The ANT260KT is coated in Desert Tan for deployment in desert environments.

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Additional Information

Weight 52 lbs