• Yagi Antenna
  • Pattern: Directional
  • Gain: 2.2dBd
  • Frequency Range: 734-806 MHz
  • Length: 13
  • Shipping Weight: 13 lb
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Product Description

The ANT750Y5-WR-P is a high-performance directional antenna, designed especially for point-to-point as well as point/ multipoint applications. This antenna produces 5 dBd forward gain with an excellent front-to-back ratio. Solid aluminum elements with 360° welds prevent intermodulation and provide exceptional strength.

Each antenna is completely protected with our high-tech Txylan™ coating, which provides icing resistance and protection from corrosive gases, UV radiation, salt spray, acid rain and wind-blown sand. The feed line is protected within the boom, and the radiating element is completely sealed against ice and other hazards with a tough, RF-transparent radome.

The ANT750Y5-WR-P includes a welded vertical plate and mast clamp set. A horizontal welded plate is optional, or the ANTM940H adapter can be used. The clamp set fits any vertical mast or tower support from 1.0”-2.5” O.D.

For installations on angled supports, the Universal mount option deletes the welded clamp, providing 3 separate planes of rotation and almost any required orientation. The “U” mount attaches to virtually all supports up to 3.5” in diameter, and can be adapted to flat surfaces and utility poles.

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Additional Information

Weight 13 lbs