PM5C1S RF Power Monitor and Alarm Panel


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The Telewave PM5C1S RF Power Monitor and Alarm Panel, is an automatic alarm panel featuring “true VSWR” circuitry. With optional PM-1A or PM-2A power monitors, this panel monitors the power output of up to 5 transmitters for low power, and provides a high VSWR alarm for one antenna. The 3RU (5.25” x 19”) panel mounts in any standard rack or inside most base station cabinets, and can be powered directly from 120VAC or 12VDC.

Whenever a low transmitter power condition is sensed by the PM5C1S on one of the five channels, a latched relay closure occurs for the appropriate channel and a red light turns on at the front of the panel. Normally open and normally-closed relay contacts are provided for each individual channel.

A high antenna VSWR condition is accurately sensed at all power levels and indicated by a sixth latched relay and light. These contacts can be used to remotely activate lights, speakers, or other alarm systems. The relays and lights are reset by means of a front panel RESET button or by momentarily grounding the RESET input connection located on the rear of the unit.

The panel also operates as an inline power monitor, measuring both forward and reverse RF power of up to five transmitters plus a sixth channel for single antenna VSWR, with all readings displayed on a 3.5-inch meter. Up to 6 power monitors (not included) for the appropriate frequency band are required.

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Contact Telewave Sales for current lead time and shipping information: / 800-331-3396 Opt 1

Contact Telewave Sales for current lead time and shipping information: / 800-331-3396 Opt 1