T-7560 Dual Isolator 700-806 MHz


  • Dual Isolator
  • Frequency Range: 700-806 MHz
  • Isolation: 60 dB
  • Loads Included: 2 X 35 Watt
  • Input Power: 150 Watts

Please add frequency range (MHz) in a message box below. If you order more than one unit and want to have a different frequency for each unit, please let us know the product quantity for each frequency in the message box below too.

Product Description

Telewave T-7560 Dual Isolator 700-806 MHz, Ferrite Isolators prevent intermodulation, and protect transmitters from high VSWR or mis-tuned filtering devices by providing a constant 50 ohm impedance. All Telewave isolators are manufactured and tested in our own plant to the highest quality standards. These isolators handle up to 150 watts of power, with several different load options. All Telewave isolators include two removable 35 watt loads in the basic configuration. Typical tuning range is up to ± 6 MHz from the original center frequency, and typical isolation is 35 dB for single, and 70 dB for dual.

NOTE: Isolators have limited bandwidth and tuning range. Each isolator is manufactured for a specific range and tuned to a specific frequency. Please specify the exact desired operating frequency and special load requirements with the order.

Under adverse conditions, the isolator performs several critical functions:

Broken Antenna, Damaged Cable, High VSWR
All of these conditions will cause large amounts of power to be reflected down the transmission line toward the transmitter. The circulatory property of the isolator will direct this energy to the load port, and protect the transmitter. The load on the isolator must be capable of handling full transmitter power. Age, water invasion, and incorrect cable length will also cause impedance changes. The tuned ports of the isolator provide a constant 50 ohm impedance for the transmitter to avoid overheating and oscillation.

When RF energy from a strong nearby signal source enters a transmitter via the antenna, mixing with the primary transmitter frequency often occurs, resulting in the radiation of new, undesired signals. The isolator antenna port reflects out-of-band energy back to the antenna. In-band energy enters the isolator, and is circulated to the output load. No energy from nearby transmitters enters the protected transmitter from the antenna, and intermodulation can be eliminated.

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Additional Information

Weight 6 lbs

Contact Telewave Sales for current lead time and shipping information:

sales@telewave.com / 800-331-3396 Opt 1

Contact Telewave Sales for current lead time and shipping information:

sales@telewave.com / 800-331-3396 Opt 1

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