TPCD-8646SPIM2 Compact Repeater Panel



  • Frequency Band: 806 – 960 MHz
  • Frequency Separation (min): 25 MHz
  • Mounting: 19″ Panel
  • Net Weight: 21 lbs., 5.5 kg

Please add frequency range (MHz) in a message box below. If you order more than one unit and want to have a different frequency for each unit, please let us know the product quantity for each frequency in the message box below too.

Product Description

TPCD-8646SPIM2 Compact Repeater Panel

The Telewave Compact Repeater Panel combines a pass/reject duplexer, band pass filter, isolator, and low pass filter into one system that only requires 5 RU of rack space. The space saving is achieved by mounting the intermodulation suppression panel behind the duplexer.

The default configuration has two additional band pass cavities in-line with the transmitter side of the duplexer (TX sideband reduction). The cavity filter configuration of the system can be adjusted by mixing pass/reject or pass only cavities as needed to provide appropriate protection for the installation. Contact Telewave Systems Engineering for assistance with customization.

The system is fully tuned and tested at the factory before shipping.

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