TPRD-9044 – Pass-Reject Base Station Duplexer – 890-960 MHz


  • Frequency Range: 890-960 MHz
  • Frequency Separation (typ. / min): 39 MHz / 3.6 MHz
  • Max Input Power: 250 watts
  • TX-RX Iso. for 5 MHz Separation (min): 70 dB
  • Number of Cavities: 4 – 4″ Dia
  • Dimensions (HWD) in. (cm): 5.25 x 19 x 10.5 (13 x 48 x 26.67)
  • Net Weight lb. (kg): 21 (9.6)

Please add frequency range (MHz) in a message box below. If you order more than one unit and want to have a different frequency for each unit, please let us know the product quantity for each frequency in the message box below too.

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Product Description

TPRD-9044 - Pass-Reject Base Station Duplexer - 890-960 MHz

The Telewave TPRD-9044 Base Station Duplexer provides high performance and high reliability for 900 MHz radio systems. With two Pass/Reject cavities in each transmitter and receiver path, these duplexers provide maximum TX to RX protection in dense RF environments. Mil-Spec semi-rigid cable is used for all interconnections to ensure long life and lowest insertion loss with maximum power handling capability.

Heavy-duty materials are used in construction of this duplexer, including silver-plated tuners and beryllium copper finger stock contactors, assuring high “Q” performance with no issues due to dissimilar metals. Tuning is simple and remains stable from -30ºC to +70º C thanks to the threaded Invar tuning rod. Adjustable coupling optimizes the required attenuation for ideal RX performance. All cavity inputs are electrically shorted to ground for maximum static and noise protection. All duplexers are tuned and tested with customer-specified frequencies prior to shipping. No further adjustments should be required. The positive locking mechanism allows for easy field tuning if frequency changes are implemented.

The TPRD-9044 mounts on a 19” standard rack with a panel height of 5.25”. Power handling is 250 watts. Receiver desense protection is at least 80 dB, and TX sideband suppression is at least 80 dB. With TX to RX spacing of 5 MHz or more, this duplexer can combine two transmitters into one antenna, or feed two receivers. Typical spacing is 39 MHz. Alternate spacing of 3.6 MHz, 9 MHz or others are also available. Frequencies and required spacing must be specified with all orders.


Contact Telewave Sales for current lead time and shipping information: / 800-331-3396 Opt 1

Contact Telewave Sales for current lead time and shipping information: / 800-331-3396 Opt 1