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    For Wattmeter's requiring calibration or repair, we require a purchase order (only if you or your organization has credit terms with Telewave) with a Not-To-Exceed (NTE) limit of $350 per item returned, or without credit terms we require your credit card information with authorization to charge up to this NTE level *. As a manufacturer, Telewave only provides a basic calibration certificate. We do not provide before or after data for calibrations. OEM Calibration level only.

    We charge a $100 non-refundable evaluation fee for each unit returned. If our evaluation determines calibration only is required, then there will be only one hour of labor (@ $100 / hour) needed, and we will apply the $100 evaluation fee towards this labor and proceed with the calibration. If the additional cost is determined necessary (i.e., additional repair labor and replacement parts needed), we will provide you an estimate for your review and approval only if it will exceed the NTE level of $350 for the unit in question.

    We look forward to your response so we can initiate an RMA to support your needs.

    For additional warranty requests, please provide the description of defect, the TELEWAVE part number, and the Sales Order number that the product was purchased on.

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