Telewave Introduces New PIM/PIP-Rated Yagi and Dipole Antennas For the 700+ MHz Spectrums

San Jose, California (March, 2018) Telewave, Inc., a leading provider of premium quality domestic and international radio and wireless systems equipment, announces the availability of yagi and dipole antennas tested and rated to ensure very low internal generation of passive intermodulation (PIM) products.

As an increasing number of passive devices (like couplers and splitters) are being placed closer to signal sources, the potential for PIM-related problems increases. This form of interference can overpower or distort receive signals and significantly reduce overall network performance and efficiency. It can be generated when strong RF signals are too close together and get mixed, or when older equipment begins to degrade, such as if a connector is corroded, or cables get damaged. If the system is subject to particularly high power, such as in cellular systems, intermodulation signals can be –80 dBm or higher. The use of PIM-rated components can mitigate the risk of PIM-related signal loss.

PIM sources can vary widely and include: other nearby antennas or devices, conduit that may be buried or behind barriers, and even mounts or posts. The expansion of Telewave’s PIM-Rated antenna line, to include yagi and dipole antennas, ensures that these selected models pass rigorous testing in the manufacturing process to achieve a -150dBc PIM rating or better. This means that while it is still important to also check for PIM on site after installation, these antennas won’t contribute to the ambient interference. Additionally, Telewave’s PIM-Rated antenna line also include variants that are specially designed and rated for high peak instantaneous power (PIP) levels.

To prevent issues caused by poor materials or workmanship, all of Telewave’s PIM-Rated 700-2300 MHz collinear, yagi, and dipole antennas are carefully built using a meticulous assembly process to prevent passive RF intermodulation. Each PIM-Rated antenna is built using specially chosen and treated materials to further reduce PIM levels. Furthermore, all of Telewave’s yagi and dipole antennas are completely protected within a high-tech coating known as Txylan™, exclusive to Telewave, which provides­­­ icing resistance and excellent protection against corrosive gases, UV radiation, salt spray, acid rain, wind-blown sand, and other environmental hazards that would otherwise degrade the antenna’s performance.

About Telewave:

Telewave designs and manufactures high-quality RF system products. It serves wireless system operators, public safety providers, local and state governments, and federal agencies in the United States and internationally. The company was founded in 1972 and is based in San Jose, California. Telewave strives to be the premier supplier of seamless interoperable communication systems that provide security and reliability in mission-critical ecosystems for both commercial and military applications worldwide. Telewave products are used by more than 7,500 equipment and network manufacturers and government agencies throughout the world.